“Swaddle” Intervention Plans

When traditional intervention plans have failed to help you or your most challenging students create positive behavioral change, the next step might be a “Swaddle Intervention.”

Metaphorically, a swaddle represents a wrap-around intervention that is structured, yet flexible. Just as a literal swaddle will calm a distraught infant by creating a firm yet soft boundary, a “swaddle” intervention can do the same for kids and teens as we work to create positive behavioral changes with them in schools.

Behavior contracts and traditional interventions can fail for any number of reasons, but it is usually some combination of the goal not being realistic, the student not buying-in, the timeline not being long enough, and/or the teacher not being consistent. Find out how we solve these issues and many more in our book, “Yeah, But What About This Kid?”

In the meantime, use the links to the left to see samples of successful “swaddle” interventions that were run with real elementary and secondary students and consider trying one of your own using our downloadable template.


"Yeah, But What About This Kid?" book

"Yeah, But What About This Kid?"

By Grace Dearborn & Scott Sturgeon