Consequences – Leveled Hierarchies

Using Leveled Consequence Hierarchies, instead of lock-step hierarchies, provides teachers with maximum flexibility in choosing the right consequences to fit each unique behavioral interaction. It also provides a guide for how to appropriately escalate a student’s choices, in order to deescalate confrontations.

Leveled Hierarchy & Planning Template

View or download Conscious Teaching’s Leveled Hierarchy of Consequences and an accompanying planning template.

Keep in mind that our hierarchy is not meant to be set in stone or adopted as is. It is simply a place to start.

For more information about building and using hierarchies like these, see our books:

  • “Conscious Classroom Management” Chapt 13
  • “Yeah, But What About This Kid?” Chapt 3

Leveled Hierarchies from K-12 Teachers

Click on a link below to view examples of how K-12 teachers across the country have adapted the idea of using Leveled Consequence Hierarchies with their students.

Leveled Consequence Hierarchies image