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Conscious classroom management books

Conscious Classroom Management

By Rick Smith & Grace Dearborn

“Conscious Classroom Management” makes visible the invisible elements of effective teaching and provides teachers, regardless of grade, experience, or student population, with effective tools to start improving tomorrow. The book comes with a free facilitators guide and an online toolbox full of resources, lesson plans, videos, planning templates, and more!

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what about this kid book

Yeah, But What About This Kid?

By Grace Dearborn & Scott Sturgeon

Our newest book, “Yeah, But What About This Kid?” addresses the needs of students with the most extreme behaviors in school. The book will give you dozens of practical techniques and sample interventions that will help you find a path to success with your most challenging students. Both classroom and schoolwide structures are covered and an entire chapter is dedicated to leading positive schoolwide discipline changes.

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Picture This!

Picture This!

By Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn

Uncover a clear roadmap for teaching procedures using visuals and other non-verbal techniques in “Picture This!” These simple ideas for K-12 teachers will help you save your voice, reduce confrontations with your students, and help you get what you need in a fun and efficient way. The book includes an online toolbox filled with images and videos you can download and use.

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Yeah, But What About This Kid?

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Conscious Classroom Management

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Picture This!

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