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Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching

Conscious Teaching.

Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching




Explore our live professional development workshops and virtual webinars for K-12 teachers and administrators. Every training is full of inspiration and practical techniques.


Find the support you need to create the learning environment you’ve always wanted. Our books will help any teacher improve their classroom management and rekindle their joy for teaching.

Video Trainings

Our asynchronous video trainings make professional growth flexible and fun for any teacher. Learn at your own pace and improve your practice immediately with one of our Video Academies.


Have an expert instructional coach come to your school. Receive advice, training, and support to help you and your teachers improve student engagement and school-wide discipline.

Conscious Classroom Management book by Conscious Teaching

Find out why our flagship book, “Conscious Classroom Management,” has sold over a half a million copies and has been used extensively by each of the five largest school districts in America!

This is hands down the best resource for new teachers that I have ever seen. So useful, so easy to read, and it can change the way you think about teaching.

~ Gail McGee | Manager of Professional Development | Houston TX

Free Resources


Newsletter & Strategies Archive

Our seasonal newsletter is where we share immediately implementable teaching techniques. This archive is where they all live. Take a look and leave today with a strategy you can try tomorrow.

Consequence Hierarchies

If you are wondering how other teachers are creating structured yet flexible hierarchies of consequences, wonder no more! See samples from K-12 teachers and download a template to build or revamp your own hierarchy.

Resource Bank

When Conscious Teaching finds a teaching tool, technique, or resource we love and we want to share it, we post it here. You will find classroom activities, teaching apps, research studies and more. Feel free to add your own favorites, too!

Intervention Plans

Review our sample “Swaddle” intervention plans for working effectively with Tier 3 kids and teens. These flexible but firm wrap-around behavior plans come from our book “Yeah, But What About This Kid?”


Welcome to the “Conscious Teaching Podcast: Stories & Strategies from Excellent Educators.” Every episode will entertain and inspire. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will take away a cool teaching technique, too.

Lesson Plans

Look through a dozen procedural lesson plans from teachers at all grade levels. See how teachers across the country use visuals to reinforce key procedure and routines and how you can do the same.



It was a nice surprise to actually have immediate tools to have with me as I teach tomorrow. And I was inspired!”

Ester R. | 3rd Grade | VA

“Fantastic Presentation. As a 15-year veteran I honestly would say this is in my top 3 of all workshops I’ve ever attended.”

Fred J.  |  High School | CA

“Awesome presentation! Inspiring! Refreshing! Fun!”


Veronica L.  | 2nd Grade |  TX

“My mind is blown. I feel like I just had a religious experience.”

Frank A. |  High School | OK

“This workshop was LIFE changing – for me, my students, and my child at home, too!”

Gayle J. | 4th Grade Teacher | AZ

“I got so much out of this workshop, even things that were modeled but not the focus of the presentation. Thank you for practicing what you preach. LOVED THE HUMOR!!”


Paulette | Middle School | LA

“In 23 years of teaching and attending PD classes, this is the first time I have walked away feeling that I not only learned something but also felt validated for some things I am already doing right.”

Elise | Kindergarten | AL

“This workshop was full of simple yet priceless bits of info. Presenter was enthusiastic and hilarious! Thank you for not ruining my weekend.”


Jay | High School | NY

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